Migraine: Special Situations

Manual designed to treat migraine patients in special situations such as pregnancy , elderly, children, .. Looking for an individualized and correct treatment for the patient



Primary headaches

Centered brief manual diagnosis and treatment of primary headaches . Editing PDF and designed for use in the Neurology , intend (and hopefully have succeeded ) to be useful Practical and solve specific problems.




Summary neurological examination aimed at non- neurologists.



Academy of semiotics

The art of neurology. A course of high interest on specific aspects of our specialty.



neuromodulation I

Introduction Concept and Its Application in headaches


cache_34694715neuromodulation II

Its application in psychiatry and movement disorders





neuromodulation III

Pain and headaches as understand



New fields of neurosciences

Neuroeconomics , art, neurogastronomy … One of the first reviews conducted on the subject.


cache_47397848Neurology and Female

Monograph focused on the special features of neurological diseases in women





More than a hundred scales in NEUROLOGY

An extensive collection of useful scales in routine clinical practice . From the website of the Galician Society of Neurology at the following link



Exploring diplopias

 The evaluation of patients with neurooftalmológicos problems is complex. Sometimes the examination should be extensive and must resort to tools such as cane Maddox , cards , or different types of test


cache_33427980Neuroophthalmological examination

a The text of Fornes project aims to be a practical manual on exploration in neuro-ophthalmology





cache_33427680Neurology Hanbook

The following resource , made by neuroscientists in Spain, is intended as an aid in our clinical practice. Analyzes most common diseases in the urgency , the plant and outpatient





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